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I decided that I am going to try and post at least one video, personal or news story that is to the same effect as the first post called "there is some good in the world still." So be on the look out for those hear warming stories of kindness in the world around us. if you have any particular examples or stories that you would like to share please let me know and we can get that set up!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Free weekend??

So, if i can finish these last 2 assignments today I will have all weekend and Monday with no homework! :D that should be great! I have been working on my other homework for the last hour or so, and i am almost done!

Anyone catch the shoot out last night between the avs and devils? if not then check it out right here, what a save! pretty excited with how well the teams doing recently.

Karen is still very sick, other then that not too much new is going on with us, just happy that we survived the second week of classes!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So, Its Official!

yes.. yes.. I AM a nerd... I have finally had to come to that conclusion after I spent and minuet to look at what i was actually doing a few days ago...

The picture to the side shows as you can see that I was playing guild wars 2 with a friend of mine, and at the same time I was playing Runescape with my wife, Karen.

I guess it is about time that i came to that conclusion eventually, but it does not make it much easier to accept.

In other news the first week of school was survived by both Karen, and myself. I am pretty nervous about most of my classes this semester. They are doing things that I normally am very uncomfortable doing. Things like public speaking every couple classes, and impromptu presentations etc.

Karens first CNA class was a bit scary, and rough for her but after the second class she had she is much more excited about it. As long as she can make it through her clinical stuff without getting really sick she should be okay.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

8 weeks!!

Sorry I have not done a blog in a while now. Things have been really crazy! Karen is now 8 months pregnant! :)

we were able to go in last week and see the ultra sound picture, and hear the heart beat it was very strong and fast! We are both excited to be able to actually see and hear it. Karen has been very very sick pretty much since she got pregnant. I have been trying to help her out, but there isn't all ways much i can do to help her. So with finals week, her being really sick, then the holidays it has been a really busy month and a half or so.

We went down to my parents for Christmas, and that was a lot of fun. We stayed there through new years, and came back up here yesterday.

We are excited to be getting out classes underway tomorrow. I am doing all business classes this semester. Karen is doing a quilting class, social work class, personal and family health, and a nursing class so she can get her CNA. She really wants to get that.

Now that we are back here at school I am hoping to get back into more of a routine again so that I will be able to write more on here!

Hope that you guys all had a great holiday over the last month! What did you guys do? Comment and let me know!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Crazy Couple of days!

So late Friday night, about 11:00pm something came up and we decided that we needed to go down to my parents house right away. We got everything packed and ready to go by about midnight, and then drove down here. We got in about 3am, and then had my little sister let us in so that we could surprise my parents in the morning. What we forgot in our sleep deprived brains was that the van was sitting in front of the house... oops :P.

Yesterday we went to the theater out here and watched Catching Fire, it was pretty good. I am curious as to what happens next though, I might actually consider reading the last book. My dad, Mom, Karlie, Karen and I all went to see it.

Our turtles are getting HUGE! I will try and take a picture to post on here later, but they are a lot bigger then I thought they were going to get, and they are still growing!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Layout Getting Set Up!

Hey everyone, I decided I would find a better layout, and I think that I like this one so far. What do you guys think? I am still working on getting the menus, and bars all in exactly the right place but I have a start. Very excited about the weekend almost being here!

I don't know if anything particularly exciting is going on this weekend, but Karen and I defiantly need some rest. Neither of us have been feeling very well lately.

Oh, Also I am on the lookout for the next "good in the world" post. If you have any personal story you would like to share, or know of any in the news where your from send me an email at thanks!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

All Registered for next semester!

I got my schedule filled up today for next semester, and the cool part about it is that they are all business classes. That will be fun, and a lot less walking! The business building is not on campus so this semester i have classes there and then back on campus.. maybe I am just lazy, but it does get tiring trying to get from that building to campus in 10 minuets!
     Hmm.. What else is new, lets see.. Karen is still working on her dress for her sewing class. She has never really done any sewing before this semester and she is really enjoying it, AND she is really doing great with it. It has been really cool to see the great things that she has made this semester. I may post some pictures after christmas.. wouldn't want to give anything away just yet :P.

   Its pretty crazy to think that the semester is getting close to an end all ready. I am excited about thanksgiving break. We are going back to my parents house, and a bunch of my family is going to be there that I have not seen in a while. Well that's about it for now, ill write more again soon!

  What are you plans for the thanksgiving holidays coming up?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Some things i have learned so far this semester. (social media/marketing)

Social Media has become of larger and larger importance in the world of marketing. I have been studying social media marketing this semester at Snow College in Utah. I have learned many things that I did not understand before taking these classes, but I decided that I was not going to just take what was being taught as a 100 percent truth. I decided to take things into my own hands, and see what does and does not work. There are a few things that I have personally learned through this process. One of the biggest things that I have found is that making connections is truly a vital process. I am not talking about connections who will click 'like' once on your post, or maybe even click 'follow' on your blog. I am talking about really personal connections with others. Its important to remember not to start off going to someone, or someones site and spamming your links and screaming here follow me! 'like' this! Etc. All that will get you is a group of people who are looking for exactly the same thing, to click a little button, and then never think about that site or person again. If you take some time to become active in a community or niche' that you are specializing in before you start spamming out your links the results will be a lot more long lasting and real. Another thing that I am learning is that there is a site out there called stumble upon. I had not really thought about this as a platform to drive traffic to your site, or even a way to be found at all until I started to play around with it some more. Surprisingly I am finding that I get quiet a few page views from posting my articles and web links into that platform. That way when people are “stumbling through” pages if yours is in the category they are searching it can show up. A few things that I have found that are not working so far are the “quick” “easy” “fast” ways to build followers and likes. There are some programs and sites out there that may claim to get you 1000 followers in a matter of an hour. Those sites well, the ones I looked at do actually get your small follower label to go up, but most of the ones that add or follow you appear to be nothing more then computer bots. It also has to gain access to your accounts to post things for you that end up just spamming your clients and friends saying things like “click this link for 500 friends a day” and so on. Fivver does seem to have some legitimate gain x amount of followers for you for $5.00 adds. I have been yet to try one of those, but I have a friend here at the school who did, and who actually had great success with that. I know that I have mentioned it before, but it really cant be stressed enough to try and avoid being impersonal. Think about how you would feel if someone who you thought was doing something really great just ignored you when you sent a message to them, or a comment on a blog. How would you feel if you just got the standard response that everyone who makes a comment gets back, or worse yet, if you felt completely ignored because that comment never got any response at all? There really isn't any get big quick things out there when it comes to building your presence online through social media, but if you stick with it and are sure you work on it a little bit each day, or a few times a week you will start to see results. Try not to get too disappointed if in the early going things don’t just take off and explode for you, that’s not how most of these big internet celebrities start off. To sum up the things that I have been learning about lately. Be personal, take an interest in those who are beginning to take an interest in what you are doing. Look for new platforms and sites in the social media world frequently. They are all ways changing and evolving to suit different needs and demands, and Stay consistent or you may lose that following you have started to build up.